Monday, January 11, 2010

Jaclyn - This One's For You!

I knew this blog thing would eventually turn out like all my journals of past......the entries would get fewer & fewer and then eventually disappear but I was thinking the other night about how much I enjoy "blog stalking" all of you, so I've decided to make amends and try my very best to post something each week (wish me luck). Since it's been over a YEAR since my last post (seriously - wish me luck), here's what you've missed.....

Christmas morning 2008 - Santa gave us a trip to Disneyland! We left on the 28th and enjoyed the week in California (side note - NEVER plan a trip to Disneyland the week between Christmas and New Years.....everyone else in the world is planning a trip there at the same time!!)

Gracie turned 1!!!

Ellie gave herself a haircut - the growing out process is still taking place.....

Luke decided he could be in charge of his own "fashion sense".....his parents decided not
We spent as much time in the water last summer as we could......

Gracie stayed up for her first firework show and LOVED it!!

Luke started Kindergarten at Daybreak Elementary

Ellie started preschool!
We attended the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House with Grandma & Grandpa Piercy
Luke started soccer....he calls his team the "Peach Green Beans"!

We took our annual Labor Day family trip to Temple Square

We picked out our pumpkins at the Pumpkin Patch

And went Trick-or-Treating

We even made it to Temple Square for the lights
The kids posed for Christmas card pictures

And here we are again on Christmas morning 2009

Good things happened for us in 2009, but enough bad happened too that I'm glad it's over! Here's hoping 2010 is a great year - full of fun pictures & fabulous blog posts!! :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Picture says a Thousand Words....

And this one says it all. When I was pregnant the second time and we found out it was a girl, I knew right away what I was going to name her. I have always loved the name Eloise and thought the nickname Ellie was cute too. Ben didn't object, so it was settled. Before she was born I started collecting the Eloise books, not really having read them before. Now that Ellie is two, we have read the books several times and discovered that she has quite a lot in common with the main character. They are both quite a handful, have their own way of doing things, and most of the time think the world revolves around them. I have actually in one day mopped up a lake from my kitchen floor, wiped poop off the bathroom walls, and scrubbed marker off her bed with a magic eraser. I can hardly go to the bathroom for two minutes without this one getting into something. Ellie is so full of sass I often think she was suppose to come to Karen or Molly. I do love my little Eloise though and know that life without her would be pretty dull...but here's hoping she settles down before the teenage years start!

Monday, October 27, 2008

FHE with the Witches

For family home evening this week we went to see the witches at Gardner Village. I've taken the kids before but this was the first time Ben got to see them. It was so fun and the kids loved meeting a real life witch! I have absolutely LOVED this weather and hope it sticks around a little bit longer.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Cousins

We never lived near our cousins growing up, so I never had that really close relationship with them that a lot of my friends did. I'm so glad my kids get to grow up with their cousins. Gracie is really lucky because there were four cousins born at about the same time this year. They are going to have SO much fun in a couple of years - watch out!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I have five sisters and wouldn't trade it for anything. Sure the bathroom was crowded growing up and my clothes were always disappearing, but I love that I'm related to my best friends.

Karen is the funny one - there are things she says that have me laughing for days. I always wished I had her sense of humor or quick come-backs. She also has the best taste in clothes & decorating. Someday I'm going to afford to hire her as my personal shopper.

Anna is the "picky" one - and by that I mean that she always takes the time to make things perfect. Her hair is always perfect, her makeup beautiful. She has lovely clothes that always look great on her(and so does Jane). Her house is beautiful - the nursery is straight out of a catalog. I wish I had her patience to make things in my life just as nice.

Sarah is the sweet one - she is the most loving, patient, kind person I think I have ever met. Any time she shows up the kids just smother her.

Maddie is me, just ten years younger. She falls up the stairs just as much as I do (yes, I said "up") and it makes me feel good. She is also one of the happiest people I know......and was willing to pay extra to keep her license plate that said so.

Molly is the sassy one. She also has a quick wit, but don't even think about touching her unless she gives you permission before hand. She won't hug you, but she'll do just about anything else for you. She is also enjoying being the only kid at home - she prefers you to call her Princess Molly. Ellie loves her Aunt Molly and follows her around whenever possible......I'm afraid they came from the same mold.

My sisters make me want to be a better person - and I love them!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mr & Mrs Richard Holman

The big day finally arrived - our little Sarah is now a Mrs! Sarah and Richard were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple and had a lovely reception at the Heber C Kimball home at This is the Place state park. It was a beautiful day full of family & great memories. We are so exited for them both and wish them all the best!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mr & Mrs Tony Jenkins

This last weekend was so much fun.....Thursday night we all went up to the mountains for our first and last cookout of the summer. The kids loved cooking hot dogs and roasting marshmallows over the fire & eating the biggest cheetos ever. I enjoyed eating the best smores I've ever had.....I still think about them. There is something about the mountains that is very peaceful & relaxing. It was beautiful but once that sun goes down it gets down right COLD!

Ellie enjoying one of those HUGE cheetos....

Luke really loved the fire....should I be worried??

Molly getting a face-full when Mom went for one of those HUGE cheetos......Our sweet baby Grace with Aunt Sarah.......

The Groom-to-Be......
On Friday we all headed to the Jordan River Temple to see Karen & Tony married. It was wonderful to see her so happy and witness the beautiful ceramony. I don't think I'll ever forget my sister's face as she leaned over the alter and grabbed Tony is the biggest bear hug ever. Karen's been through a lot the past couple years, and it's awesome to see her so full of joy. Tony is just fabulous and I can't wait to see what they can do together. Karen also made the most beautiful bride I think I've ever seen. It's not really fair that she is the whole package.....maybe in my next life I'll have that hair.

The blushing bride......

The happy couple......

A moment without the babies......

We clean up pretty good.......

Sarah & Richard are next....only a month until their big day!!

Saturday was Karen & Tony's "party". It was actually their reception, but they both wanted something casual and fun. Everyone came in their casual wear, wore lais, ate great food, chatted, and really had so much fun. Ben and I think it was the most fun we've had at a wedding reception ever.

Ben and Ellie enjoying the festivities......

Me and the kids - they actually held still for a moment......

Ellie keeping the sun out of her eyes......

Luke was given an entire can of Root Beer......he was in heaven!!!!